Author C.K. Green’s debut novel, Damaged has been out for about 6 months now. Damaged is the story of Kiera, who is mysteriously attacked, and Ethan, who is dedicating his life to finding the answers. Their stories are told in alternating points of view, yet they intertwine and flow flawlessly. The story continuously builds to the climax, leaving you turning pages quicker and quicker.


These are the type of books I really enjoy. There is enough suspense to keep you hooked and the characters are well developed with interesting back stories. I would not categorize this as a suspense/mystery, but there are definitely elements that do fit into that genre. Instead of sitting on the edge of your seat through the entire book, the reader is drawn into the character’s stories and the mystery of the attack. There is romance, but it does not overwhelm the story. It draws the reader in and they begin to root for Ethan as he tries to break down Kiera’s walls. The developing love story does not seemed rushed, which is a wonderful change of pace. The characters feel real and the reader can empathize with the feelings that are revealed.

This is an excellent debut book. Many times, authors need time to smooth out the roughness or to fall into their groove. That is not the case with Damaged. Author C.K. Green’s writing is impeccable. As a reader, I can not wait for her follow up story about Anna and the many other books she will undoubtedly release as she becomes a more dominant author in her field.

If you would like to read Damaged, check it out here.

And if you would like to know more about Author C.K. Green, find her website here. Or you can follow her on facebook or twitter.



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