Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes

Hidden Bodies is the follow up novel to You by Caroline Kepnes. We are reunited with the serial killer mind of Joe Goldberg as he continues to try to find happiness. In You, we learn that Joe is quite capable of making people disappear and he is determined that ‘next time’ he is going to fall in love right. He won’t mess up again! In walks Amy, who Joe quickly becomes seriously infatuated with. But poor Joe is left in the dirt once again as Amy steals his most valuable books from his vault and high-tails it to LA. Joe won’t let a bad deed go unpunished so he packs up and goes on pursuit of Amy.

LA is a whole new world for Joe and we are introduced to several new characters. Some of which meet their end with Joe. But most importantly he meets Love. Both figuratively and literally. Along with Love we also get her brother Forty. They are quite wealthy and thru them Joe gets to know the Hollywood elite. Joe is finally happy. So, happy, in fact, he decides to quit chasing Amy and focus on Love.

But, and there is always a but, there is that ‘mugofpiss’ that he left back in Little Compton. Peach’s family decides to have the case reopened and Joe knows he has to get the evidence out of the house some how or his fairy tale with Love will be over. While trying to find Forty in Vegas, who is on a bender, Joe flies back to LC to try to gain access to the Salinger’s home. While he is here, Love shows up at his doorstep unexpectedly. He wants so badly to be with just Love that he confesses all his crimes of passion. And surprisingly she doesn’t leave. She understands and stays with him. She even secretly is able to get the ‘mugofpiss’.
So now things seem to be going okay, except for that pesky brother, Forty. Who has pretty much stolen Joe’s work and passed it off as his own and gotten producers to accept it. So Joe has to some how get rid of this guy. He had all but sealed the deal while he was in Vegas searching for him by drowning him in some hot springs. But lo and behold, Forty shows back up and pretty much makes Joe his ‘dog’ for more material to pass off as his own.
And then we find out that Love is carrying a little serial killer offspring. Joe is so happy that he doesn’t even care if he has to work for Forty because he is just over the moon with Love and their child. Luckily for Joe, Forty gets killed while jay walking. So now that he is out of the way, it seems like smooth sailing.

However, Joe has met a lot of people and told a lot of lies that are starting to catch up with him. His aliases are not adding up and he just happens to be around too many people who have shown up dead or are missing. Joe ends up getting arrested and ends up sitting in jail trying to stay confident that there are no more ‘mugsofpiss’ laying around.


I really enjoyed this book. Seriously, I have never read anything like it. Not only do we get a 1st person point of view, but it’s of the psychopathic serial killer. We get to be inside his mind and hear his thoughts. And dare I say, we begin to root for him! #TeamJoe all the way! I love how he thinks that what he is doing is okay. At one point he even says. ‘I’ve never harmed an animal; I can’t imagine being that kind of monster.’ The irony is not lost on me! As he quests for true love and happiness, we, the readers, start to empathize with everyone getting in the way. That Delilah chick, who was she to go snooping around in his closet?? Fincher? He should have stuck to writing jay-walking tickets. Can’t Joe just catch a break and be with Love?!

There are just a couple of things that I didn’t love about the book. One, was that I still haven’t really fallen in love with Love. I am not quite sure what Joe sees in her, which is odd since we are in his head the entire time. To me, she is just another girl that he has become obsessive over and happens to truly love him back. Also, the ending was a bit anti-climactic for me. I am hoping that means we will have more of Joe in the future. Loved the book, love this series and can’t wait for another one to come out!

If you want to get inside the mind of a serial killer go here.

If you want to see the mastermind behind Joe visit here.


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