All The Missing Girls – Megan Miranda

I would like to thank Net Galley, Simon & Schuster and Megan Miranda for this advanced copy of All The Missing Girls to read and review.

OH MY WOW!! Normally I start my reviews with a bit of a blurb and explain the story and characters, but that can wait. Because I have to RAVE about this book. I couldn’t sleep because of this book. And not because I was up reading it, but because I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night after I had finished. This is a haunting story that will stick with you long after you put it down. It will make you think about your own secrets, your own past and how one moment can alter everything. This book is full of emotions, regrets, what ifs, and whys. I normally do no re read books, but this one merits a definite second reading. Once you finish it, you must go back and see all the clues, the hints and see the answer to all the questions staring you in the face. This book is going to do amazingly well and I see it being one of the best of 2016!


Now, to the story! All The Missing Girls is a psychological thriller that is uniquely told in reverse. Starting on day 15, the story weaves its way back to day 1. It centers around Nicolette Farrell, or Nic as she is so called in her hometown of Cooley Ridge. She is returning home after 10 years to help prepare her dad’s home to sell, as he is in a nursing home facility and can no longer take care of himself, let alone the house. During clear moments of his dementia, he is adamant that he house is not sold. Which is one of the reasons Nic is back; to help her brother Daniel get the paperwork started to take possession of the home to sell.

Nic has been back home a few times, but left 10 years ago after her best friend Corinne goes missing and is never found. Nic and Corinne’s relationship is hauntingly beautiful. Nic loves Corinne, but never fully trusts her and feels obligated in their friendship. When an investigation starts on her disappearance, everyone involved holds something back. Nobody can fully tell the truth and it leaves everyone wondering what else is no being told and what secrets everyone is hiding. Nic left Cooley Ridge and thought she had left her secrets in the past.

Fast forward 10 years later, another girl goes missing. Annaleise seemingly has no ties to Corinne. However Nic is drawn into this investigation as time goes along. Her ex happens to be Annaleise’s new beau. Nic feels like she has to find her and once she does she will find all the answers to Corinne’s disappearance.


Cooley Ridge is akin to any small town in America. Everyone seems to know everything about everybody and rumors flourish. However, nobody really knows what is below the surface. What is being left unsaid, what is being said in whispers, what is being said in secret. The town’s overcast personality adds to the darkness of these missing girls. And then there are the woods. The woods behind Nic’s home that borders with Annaleise’s property. Those woods hold secrets and monsters. They house memories and emotions. They are as much a part of the people as they are the town.

As the story goes on, the true story is exposed in all its darkness. As answers come, the reader finds themselves with more questions. Theories overflow as you try to piece it all together and it’s safe to say the ending is not one you expect or see coming.

You have to get this on your TBR list pronto, you will not regret it!

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